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QuintaLisque & New Terracotta

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QuintaLisque offers you the unique ceramic wall and floor tiles by New Terracotta, a Portuguese group of “state of the art” artisans and artists. QuintaLisque also brings the HEXAGON Collection by Osiris Hertman.

Wonderful collections
At New Terracotta, craft and inspiration merge in the manufacture of modern Portuguese handmade ceramics. The rich and multicolored collections are bursting with wall and floor tiles, each of which is handcrafted by artisans who combine centuries-old techniques with contemporary aesthetics, creativity and artistry.

New Terracotta has elevated the use of ancient ceramic techniques combined with modern manufacturing methods to art. All tiles are still made by hand, but certainly meet the most modern requirements for pigments, glazes and the “substrate” of the tile, the “bisque.”

The HEXAGON Collection
Top designer Osiris Hertman, in consultation with Liske Stellema of QuintaLisque, created his own “tile parts.” The Hexa-Queen and the Hexa-King create dynamic carved patterns around a hexagonal core. Architecture for the wall. The Collection is commissioned by New Terracotta. Available exclusively at QuintaLisque since early May….

‘Interiors’ and ‘exteriors’
Because the beauty of New Terracotta tiles far exceeds their functionality, they can help define and enhance the function and character of “interiors” as well as “exteriors.

Perfect colors
The versatile applications “indoor & outdoor” are made possible mainly by the unparalleled way of glazing and the explosions of colors and high degree of perfection that this produces. New Terracotta’s glaze artists seek to fathom the essence of pigments so that they can do full justice to them in their creations.

Ceramic design
Love of beauty, respect, open-mindedness, attention, craftsmanship and knowledge of materials are the characteristics of the “masters” who manage to elevate QuintaLisque’s tiles to the highest level of ceramic design every time. As heirs to a rich ceramic tradition, they bring a contemporary and surprising impetus to the craft of tile firing.

All room for every space
Thus, QuintaLisque grants designers and architects all the space they need to give virtually unlimited expression to technical prowess, aesthetic power, creativity and individual taste in every room.

Character becomes tangible
We believe that character is instantly recognizable as much more than a visual externality. It is not only visible, but also tangible. With our tiles, the character is almost tangible.

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QuintaLisque & New Terracotta
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QuintaLisque & New Terracotta
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QuintaLisque & New Terracotta
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