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X-Act Architecten

X-Act Architecten
Steenweg 229
B-3590 Diepenbeek

Philosophy of the name
X-act stands for accuracy and punctuality, among other things. These terms are very important to us and are always pursued. In addition, X stands for an unknown quantity and ACT for performance, performance. With this ideal combination we make ourselves known to the outside world.

We see ourselves as actors who try to create the living environment of our client as well and as clearly as possible. Every assignment is therefore a new challenge for us.
In the first phase we find an introductory conversation very important so that the client and the architect are on the same page. We want all parties to be able to start a possible collaboration with a good feeling.
Vision and approach
We are convinced that every project deserves a well thought-out and qualitative approach. Our approach differs from project to project and is partly determined by the specific wishes, expectations and needs set by the client.

To achieve a good end result, we combine various objective factors including: environment, budget, light, …

But subjective factors such as: feeling, warmth, well-being, … are also very important within our office to achieve a successful end result. Our architects always strive to offer timeless and sustainable designs a way of life! This goes a lot further than a mere housing or corporate identity.

Precise agreements are the foundation for good cooperation.
Time and again we want to go for the total satisfaction of our client, so that together we can build a real home!

A high-quality and well-thought-out house that matches the personal lifestyle of the client.

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X-Act Architecten
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