Everything you give attention to grows

Everything you give attention to grows

Studio Fortune excels at designing and constructing stylish dream gardens. From farm gardens or landscape gardens to urban gardens. And from completely new gardens to modernizing or metamorphosing existing gardens. Studio Fortuin’s beautiful gardens are characterized by calm lines and a practical layout of space. Atmospheric outdoor spaces, which match the house and its surroundings and in which surfaces, volumes and materials are perfectly balanced.

A garden design by Brabant garden specialist Studio Fortuin is an exact translation of your wishes and dreams. A personal and attractive garden tailored to fit the home and its surroundings. In Studio Fortuin’s surprising and attractive gardens, we recognize a signature of our own: clean lines and a good balance between the various elements, creating pleasant, graceful and timeless outdoor spaces. Gardens that not only look special, but also enrich your life.

With care, passion and skill, Studio Fortuin then realizes this atmospheric and personal dream garden. A garden landscaped by Studio Fortuin is right down to the smallest detail and finished to perfection. Years of experience and broad knowledge of materials, planting, paving, lighting, finishes and current trends and options allow Studio Fortuin to go for the most beautiful and best results. With garden landscaping from the garden specialist in Berlicum, you are assured of a beating garden that is beautiful and will last for many years. The logical result of passionate craftsmanship.

Owner Harm Verwegen selected two photos of gardens designed and landscaped by Studio Fortuin that subtly provide insight into the craftsmanship and creativity of the quality company located in Berlicum, Brabant.

Understated luxury
In this stylish garden, garden specialist Studio Fortuin from Berlicum made use of understated materials and owner Harm Verwegen ensured a pleasant relationship between natural elements, tiles and gravel. Also, the creative and experienced craftsman allows quiet lines to be beautifully combined with lush plantings.

Beautiful custom garden
Clear details and high-quality craftsmanship give this garden a pleasing appearance. Studio Fortuin applied natural and atmospheric materials that blend together to create a beautiful whole. A dream garden that fits the clients’ wishes and blends beautifully into its surroundings.

Want to see more photos of Studio Fortune’s distinctive work? Then quickly go to: www.studiofortuin.nl or www.hoog.design/vakmensen/studio-fortuin

“With an eye for detail, we create atmospheric and creative outdoor spaces.”

Harm Verwegen, owner Studio Fortune

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