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Fregola with cavolo nero, prawn and roasted tomato

Fregola with cavolo nero, prawn and roasted tomato

Starter For 4 persons


1 st small onion
1 clove of garlic
125 g frigola
½ tsp tomato paste
½ glass of white wine
4-6 leaves of cavolo nero
(kale or other types of cabbage
500 ml chicken/shrimp broth
½ lemon
knob of butter
4 sprigs of parsley

Prawn and tomato
8 pcs prawn
12 pcs cherry tomatoes
½ tsp vegetable oil

- teppan
- strainer


Have the broth ready to boil. Add the heads and peels
of the prawns for extra flavor.
- Prepare the cavolo nero by taking out the coarse veins and the rest in
cut pieces (2×2 cm). Finely chop the parsley.
- Chop the onion and finely chop the garlic.
- Preheat a saucepan on the induction hob, setting 7.
- Sauté the onion and garlic until translucent, then add the fregola. half a minute already
Stir-fry through and then add the tomato paste. Bake for a while again and
Deglaze with the wine.
- Let boil until almost all the wine has evaporated. Then add half of the
add broth and turn down the heat so that it comes to a gentle boil.
- After about five minutes, add the cavolo nero and a little more broth if necessary.
- Simmer until the pasta is tender, adding more broth as needed.
- At the end, add the butter, parsley and lemon juice to taste.

Prawn and tomato
Preheat the teppan on the highest (not boost) setting.
- Put the tomatoes and prawns both in their own bowl and add the oil and
Add pepper and salt. Mix well so that everything is coated with oil.
- Roast the prawns and tomatoes on the teppan until cooked and a nice
have color.
- Place them on a preheated plate to avoid overcooking.

Finishing and serving
- Put a scoop of fregola on each plate.
- Top with the tomato and prawns.
- Finally, drizzle some extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice on top.

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