Aero Skye

Rediscover the possibilities of your garden and terrace thanks to the Renson Aero Skye
Who wouldn’t want to be able to live outdoors all year long? By adding a Renson patio cover to your home, you can easily create a comfortable and luxurious outdoor space. Whether you still want to enjoy your garden in comfort on a hot summer day or on a gray autumn day, with the retractable Renson Aero Skye you get all the flexibility you need. This unique slat roof can be seamlessly integrated into existing structures. This gives you the feeling that it is an integral and inseparable part of your home.

Flexible outdoor living: Renson Aero Skye
Whatever the weather or season, thanks to the Renson Aero Skye you can go outside at any time to get some fresh air. You enjoy your garden in comfort and luxury without the weather conditions being able to throw a spanner in the works. The Aero Skye is a canopy with slatted roof that ensures you are sheltered from both sun, and rain. Not only can the slats tilt, you can play with the amount of light coming in. The slats in the roof can also be slid fully open, allowing you to still fully enjoy the sun on your patio on a nice day. But is it raining or drizzling? Then close the slats and you are sheltered!

The accompanying heat & soundbeam is the icing on the proverbial outdoor cake. If it’s a bit colder or there’s a gusty wind, the heater will make sure it doesn’t hit your cold clothes. Doing a terrace in the middle of November and pretending it’s May? Under your patio canopy is perfectly possible in your own garden!

Ending with cherries is “not our cup of tea,” we resolutely go for a hearty hit. What we haven’t told you yet is that the Renson Aero Skye is fully controllable via your smartphone. Install the Renson app and you can open, close, tilt the slats to your heart’s content… If you demonstrate the possibilities of your slat roof at garden parties, you will undoubtedly be the star of the evening 😉

A garden room, added value for your home
Even more than a patio cover on 4 legs, an integrated slatted roof is a real added value to your home. It’s like creating a garden room or adding an extra living space. This is also how the owners of the project below see it. They spend a lot of time outside. Before they met Renson, they had been looking for ways to enjoy their beautiful garden more and better for quite some time.

While traveling in Spain, they stayed in a vacation home that included a terrace with a slatted roof. Because they loved this so much, they went looking for a similar solution for their home. This was not an easy search, however, because one of their main conditions was that the slats had to be completely tucked away when the roof was slid open. The owners then contacted our Ambassador P&G Metalworks, who, in consultation with the architect, recommended the Renson Aero Skye.

The Aero Skye turned out to be perfectly built-in, so that when the roof is opened, the package of slats pushed together is completely hidden in the roof extension. That way, no distracting visual elements are visible and the patio cover blends seamlessly into the home.

Satisfied with their slatted roof
The owners are very satisfied with the final result: “The Aero Skye is highly recommended. We will be sitting outside more often in the near future!”. Thanks to the flexibility of the Renson Aero, they enjoy the wonderful fresh air outside every day. In summer, thanks to the slatted roof, they have breakfast under a beautiful blue sky while warming up in the lovely morning sun. If it starts to get too hot, however, they no longer have to drip inside, but can simply close the slats. Even on colder or rainy days, you can often find them outside. Thanks to the heating system and the ability to close the slats, they live outside all day.

Rediscovering your garden thanks to a Renson patio cover
Do you also have that recurring feeling that you are not making full use of your garden and patio? Then a Renson patio cover might be the solution you are looking for. Check out the Renson Aero Skye and our other aluminum patio covers here. We have a suitable solution for every home! With a Renson terrace cover you really discover all the possibilities of your garden! Will you explore with us?

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