Durable Linarte cladding provides integrated facade

In the oeuvre of Aristo Architectes, aluminum cladding is no exotic. Architect and business manager Thibaut Perpète effortlessly couples aesthetics with the durability of aluminum cladding. So for his own home, he opted for Linarte by Renson in conjunction with brick and a plastered floor. This combination typifies the architectural style of his Architectural Workshop Aristo: a contemporary symphony of modern materials.

Atelier d’Architectes Aristo
The architectural studio Aristo was founded in 2013 by Thibaut Perpète who has been working as an architect since 2009. Initially based in Temploux, but home to Sombreffe since 2019, Aristo’s 7 architects today operate in Namur, Walloon Brabant, Hainaut and Liège. Aristo represents contemporary architecture in keeping with current environmental issues. Single-family residences, both new construction and renovations, make up the bulk of their business but the youthful firm also has experience with commercial spaces such as pharmacies, physiotherapy offices and garages. Thibaut Perpète is the EPB responsible and expert, as well as safety and health coordinator.

Open and modern
“For the design of my own home, I wanted to work with large areas of glass that bring openness. The house is centrally located on the plot, so toward inward visibility there was no problem. In the back, the home faces the pool, and the water theme also returns in the front, with the little pond to the left of the entrance.

Also screens
To counteract the heat, we provided – as we almost always do now when a house is south/southwest facing – blinds from Renson. For the two large corner windows, it is Panovista Max; the other windows have the Fixscreen Minimal. The screens blend nicely into the plastered facade of the upper floor. At the bottom – with also a corner window – we chose a modern brick in conjunction with the Linarte cladding. Elaborate lines in a contemporary design.

“With regard to Linarte, my main concern was how to best integrate the door and gate into the façade,” says Thibaut Perpète. “I wanted a monolithic facade, but with some contrasting materials. Brick and plaster seemed obvious, but a third material was missing. Aluminum was the material of choice. It allowed the garage door as well as the front door and the window frames to be practically one unit. This was important to me so as not to create a disorder of volumes and structures. The perfect integration of the lighting and the module for videophone also argues in favor of Linarte. In fact, the LEDs are the only light sources on the facade and optimally illuminate the tectonic entrance steps, the driveway and the entrance hall. Both the Linarte cladding and the window frames and screens are in the same color, structured RAL 9005.”

Durable aluminum
“We also briefly considered wood or other panels, but in the context of sustainability – aluminum slats can be reused or recycled – aluminum jumped out. It also allowed us to construct window frames and screens in the same material and exact color. We have already equipped many projects with the Linarte cladding. In our new office a few years back we already made a test installation with the aluminum and that convinced us to use it frequently.”

Aesthetics & maintenance
“Another important advantage – but rather for me as an owner – is that Linarte is very user-friendly. It does not require intensive maintenance, and in addition, the Linarte profiles are easy to click out and replace should damage occur.”

Importance of installation partner
“A whole gamechanger is the presence of a reliable partner for the installation. In our case, this was the Renson Ambassador Flex 1848. We were first introduced to aluminum cladding at a trade fair. While looking for a local distributor and installer, one of our suppliers referred us to Flex. They showed us the advantages of Renson’s Linarte and Linius. Their professional service, with the technical support and good after-sales service from Renson, makes all the difference. All the projects we have done together went smoothly with the desired result. I am therefore delighted that for this cooperation – my own home – they were rewarded with a Renson Ambassador Award at Polyclose 2022.”

Contemporary symphony
“This project was architecture as we like to bring it: contemporary with modern lines, different volumes and a symphony of different materials. We like to combine the Linarte aluminum cladding with bricks and/or facade plastering. The fact that with Linarte you can integrate things like gates, doors, lights, videophone, house numbers… provides an added value that convinces me even more of my choice.”

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