Dumobil villa construction

Authentic new construction farmhouse in Meulebeke

After builders Dominiek and Sabrina saw an authentic farmhouse in Wingene for sale, the couple started the beginning of their building dream. Authenticity reigned supreme in the acquired old farmhouse, which the duo was eager to enhance. Yet the preferred option was not a thorough restoration. After consultation with Dumobil, a clear cost package was presented and a remarkable new farmstead was created full of authentic materials and techniques.

After the purchase of the former farmstead was finalized, a search for remarkable and traditional building materials began almost immediately. Enter the house and you will find a cobblestone fireplace, an integrated oak monastery table, interior walls finished in clay paint, a spot-forged copper kitchen worktop, floors from former cowsheds, roof tiles from a demolished Vladloose farm … All elements that show the extent to which the builders presented ambitious plans in their construction process.

Despite being a new construction, in this project the aspect of new construction just had to be relegated to the background. In the search for an adept construction partner, the couple knocked on Dumobil’s door. “A construction company we have known for years and have every confidence in,” Dominiek and Sabrina tell us. “Dumobil prepared transparent quotations, took care of the permit procedures and, thanks to its in-depth knowledge, was able to deal well with adapted construction techniques. For example, ‘skewed’ masonry was required and part of the house was equipped with a straw roof. Moreover, Dumobil maintained tight timing and, thanks in part to weekly consultations, was able to complete construction in just one year.

Another important reason why these building owners partnered with Dumobil lies in the way the construction company pays attention to customer needs.

“We wanted to furnish the interior completely to our own taste with materials we found ourselves. Dumobil therefore had an extra added value in our cooperation, because they thought along about the integration of all these elements. Moreover, the company did not mind us taking on certain finishing touches. Our house is now finished except for a few details and we can’t wait to live here.”

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