You have a new sink and want to find the perfect matching Duravit faucet? Or – you have already decided on a faucet and you still need to choose your sink? We don’t leave the perfect combination of faucet and sink to chance! Find the best combination for your bathroom with our Duravit recommendations.

Harmonious whole
Not all sinks and faucets match seamlessly, as the combination possibilities can be limitless. A tall faucet with a basin or countertop sink, a furniture sink with tap hole platform or even a built-in version with a wall-mounted faucet – depending on the combination, there is a danger of unsightly splashing in all directions.

Comfort is not only important when washing hands with adequate space – splashing can also be a nuisance when filling cups or washing hair in the sink. To avoid this and provide the greatest possible comfort, Duravit uses a special, detailed testing procedure to determine which combinations are ideal and should be considered “Duravit’s Best Matches.”

And now for the test – this is how our Best Macthes system works!

  1. Appearance
    To create the perfect symbiosis between the products in terms of form language and design, our in-house trend experts first and foremost select washbasins and faucets that match up nicely in terms of design.
  2. Test procedure
    The selected combinations are thoroughly tested in the next step. Besides splashing, hand washing comfort is also considered.
    Every splash of water, no matter how small, is counted – in total there are four defined zones that are measured
    Washing simulations and the use of various tools are then used to measure washing comfort. Do the hands have enough space to be washed pleasantly and comfortably, or are there cramped conditions?
    In the test procedure, there are standardized components, whose structure is always exactly the same; in the field test, qualified test users are involved.
  3. Evaluation of Duravit testing
    The Best Match are sinks and faucets that are
  • functionally match perfectly, without splashing strongly, and that provide ample space for hand washing
  • visually fit together perfectly as their design language and shapes are in perfect harmony.
  • are matched in price: ceramic and faucet are in a similar price range.

The ideal combinations for your bathroom
No matter what your bathroom design is – whether your bathroom is newly renovated, newly built or undergoing a minor update, the ultimate goal is to create a harmonious and cohesive overall look. The perfect combinations – our Duravit Best Matches – can be found here.

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