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Green wellness garden in Oisterwijk

The starting point for this project was to preserve the character of the current garden and surroundings. Because a green environment was already present, it had to be reflected in the design.

The use of heavy size espalier trees created a green background that is clearly visible from the current garden room. This combined with the polyester walls and water element form a nice combination with the material and color use in the house and new outdoor room.

The design of the windows in the pool house correspond to the main house, creating unity. Because with the pool the terraces are located on the end sides it offers more space for greenery on the long sides. This makes the pool part of the garden and not a stand-alone object.

The garden is designed for unwinding and retreating yourself after a hard day’s work. The small intimate terraces allow you to come to yourself.

By using evergreen plantings and combining them with ornamental grasses and perennials, the garden has a pleasant atmosphere all year round.

The pool is a so-called skimmer foil pool. An architectural pool where the film is available in many different colors. This allows each pool to have its own look. To ensure that swimming is always possible, the pool is fully automated. That is, everything in terms of maintenance is automatically tracked, such as chlorine supply for algae control.

To close the pool, a slatted deck was chosen which, when the pool is open, disappears completely under the decking so that it becomes invisible. Of course, you can also swim in the evening, with the LED lights in the pool creating a luxurious look in the evening.

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