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Focus Fireplaces

Gyrofocus gas fireplace

FOCUS has reinvented fireplace technology with the announcement of the world’s first rotating gas fireplace, the Gyrofocus – new, patented, a global innovation. The design meets all Belgian environmental standards. The design brand FOCUS is making a statement again.

Global innovation with a registered patent
This legendary design, originally created some 50 years ago as a wood stove, has a new patent-pending technology that allows the gas to be brought down through a sealed pipe into the hanging fireplace as it is turned 100o. A true world-class technological achievement for which a patent has been registered.

Simplicity and control at your fingertips
The Gyrofocus gas fireplace is practical, easy to maintain and has a soothing fire. A hugely spectacular fire with ceramic logs that perfectly mimic the dancing flames of a real wood fire. The first hanging and pivoting gas fireplace is energy efficient with an output of 13 kW and allows easy installation over any type of floor. The Gyrofocus gas fireplace is also equipped with remote control: direct ignition, adjustment of flame and heat intensity, programming for controlled, constant and comfortable heat.

The experience of fire at the heart of space
Odorless and emission-free, this icon finds a natural place in an apartment in any location. Thanks to the ease of use of this design sculpture, the Gyrofocus can be installed in any reception area of large hotels, restaurants and interiors open to the public.

Technical Information
Due to its advanced technology, the Gyrofocus gas fireplace cannot be sold without a prior technical inspection of the site. Installation must be performed by official FOCUS partners, specially trained in this technology. The model is equipped with a specially designed plate to allow the gas to pass through the pipe. The system runs on batteries and the burner is operated by remote control.

Available in two colors: black or white. Technical details of the Gyrofocus gas fireplace:
– for a natural gas supply:
* heat output = 13.5 kW * consumption = 1.26 m3 / hour
– For a propane gas supply: * heat output = 13 kW
* consumption = 0.373 m3 / hour

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