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Housing extension in Brasschaat

This eighty-year-old house in Brasschaat has undergone a total renovation. The major eye-catcher of the renovation work is the authentic oak rear building, supplemented by a matching storage room.

One of the biggest problems of older homes is the lack of space and natural sunlight. In the past, living standards were much lower and houses were built with smaller windows, which was important to keep out the harsh cold during the winter as much as possible.

Extra living space, more natural light
In total renovations of these older homes, clients almost always want to expand the living space and bring in extra natural light. There are several options for creating an extension. Traditional masonry is often chosen. Heritage Buildings proves once again that things can be done differently. With this oak rear building we create extra living space, we bring in an abundance of sunlight and we provide a unique authentic look.

Complete customization
Heritage Buildings designed a fully custom-made oak extension, built according to the traditional mortise and tenon joint. With this construction method we create an extremely strong oak supporting structure without screws or nails. This method comes from the English countryside and symbolizes the familiar cottage style.

Seamlessly integrated
The oak extension was seamlessly integrated into the old building volume. Almost the entire rear facade was opened up by the Heritage Buildings craftsmen. A slender steel support post guarantees the required stability without having a major visual impact on the space. Through this method, the old ‘living room’ and the new extension were merged into one large living space. A new floor that continues from the old to the new part ensures the desired cohesion.

Open space feeling
One of the requirements of the clients was to create an open space feeling. An oak extension is perfect for this. Inside, Heritage Buildings achieved a clear height of 3.5 meters. The white interior finish of the planking increases the sense of space. Extra storage space was also on the wish list of the owners. This too was executed in the typical architectural style of Heritage Buildings. The extra storage space fits in perfectly with the extension of the living space.

Added value for the home
The end result can be more than seen. From the residential extension you not only have a beautiful view of the backyard. The view from the garden to the house is also simply beautiful. The rear building was finished with a half pitched roof. In this way, Heritage Buildings stylishly avoided that the gabled roof extends higher than the existing windows on the first floor. In summary, this residential extension creates a unique added value for the home.

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