Renovation spacious villa on the Veluwe

Wish: A future-proof layout with a bright and spacious interior with plenty of room for the art collection.

The front looks relatively understated and on the inside you will be completely blown away. Such is the case of the phenomenal villa on the Veluwe on a spacious plot in the middle of a lively village. Every square meter of the interior, exterior and garden was given great attention during the renovation.

Layout: BG Kitchen, dining, master suite we placed at the rear in a wide front with connection to the garden. Facing forward are the functions entrance, office, living room. Large glass pie doors connect the front and back and left and right sides of the first floor. The basement with spa and gym is accessible by elevator. On the second floor are 2 guest rooms, each with an ensuite bathroom.

The living space is bathed in natural light and offers breathtaking views of the spacious garden and pool with pool house. Wherever you sit, cook or eat, peering out and enjoying the view is possible everywhere.

The kitchen we designed has all the space you need to cook, eat and socialize. The cabinetry has a warm oak smoked front whose grain runs vertically combined with verometal tin fronts at the island. For the countertop and back wall, we chose the vibrant arrebescato marble.

Through the kitchen you can also take the stairs to the basement so a logical routing is possible from this space as well. If you take the stairs in the hall, fitted with glass balustrade and wooden block steps, to the top, you will enter the guest domain. There are two spacious guest rooms with ensuite bathrooms. Both bedrooms have custom built-in closets. These spaces are designed in the same style with the same colors and materials. Fun detail, through small color differences and model types, we designed a “he” and “she” room. Referring to the owner’s two children.

Basement, Valhalla for wellness and fitness.
The basement runs under the entire house. Like the other floors, it has been laid out and decorated with great attention. The long wall is done in narrow wooden slats to ensure proper acoustics and immediately houses closet space. The glass scissor facade offers a nice connection to the outside. The functions the basement houses make it a walhalla. The wellness area includes a Finnish and infrared sauna, shower, toilet and gym. The block staircase, done in the same material as the pool surround, takes you outside to the garden the swimming pool with sundeck and Jacuzzi.

The same luxurious materials and colors were used in the garden as inside. Again, we monitored function, quality and aesthetics.

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