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Meijs Living

Rent a home

With creating a sense of home, it doesn’t matter whether you have a house to buy or rent. In the latter case, only the possibilities are sometimes somewhat limited; after all, you have to take into account the owner of the property.

Making your own
Our clients who occupy an apartment on the 11th floor in downtown Tilburg took on the challenge of making their place as much their own as possible. Interior designer Kevin: “The couple who walked into Meijs for advice invited me to come take a look. I immediately understood why they had chosen this location. It is spacious and light and also has a magnificent view of the bustling city center. After the tour, during which they shared their wishes with me, I made a proposal that was well received.

Clad floor
‘Because they lead busy social lives, we chose the large wedge-shaped dining table from Van Rossum at which you can dine and socialize. The two long narrow cupboards, each 80 cm wide, provide storage space and immediately give the room a bit more body.’ Unfortunately, the existing floor did not suit the residents’ taste. Kevin: ‘That posed a challenge because the lease states that the floor may not be replaced. Fortunately, the voluminous rug worked wonders. It immediately created a completely different dynamic.’

Colors of Rembrandt
Kevin had the colors of the rug reflected in the ochre gold velour curtains and the walls, painted in Hague Blue. He continues: ‘They are shades that were also used by the Old Dutch Masters. You can see them in Rembrandt’s bridal portraits of Marten and Oopjen on plexiglass, with which we gave an exciting twist to the whole thing.’ The interior proves that a combination of color, pattern and art can work out very nicely. Kevin confirms, “At least the residents are happy with it and now feel right at home.

Photography: Denise Hiddink

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