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Residential extension to Schilde

Extra seating area, with wine cellar”
These residents from Schilde made use of the total renovation of their home to increase the living space with a beautiful residential extension. They opted for an oak extension with an additional total area of ​​more than 50 square meters, designed and executed by Heritage Buildings. The extension complies with the strictest EPB standards for insulation.

As if it has always been there
The beautiful extension was perfectly integrated into the existing house. Do not think of the typical ‘porch’ that is built against a house. This residential extension looks like it belongs there naturally. Everything was neatly incorporated into the roof construction. Anyone who sees the house for the first time cannot possibly know that this concerns a later extension of the house. Everything looks natural.

Wine cellar with beautiful staircase
Space was not only gained on the ground floor. The project also included the construction of a wine cellar with a beautiful staircase. These works were also carried out by Heritage Buildings, so that the owners could entrust the assignment to a single construction company. Everything went smoothly and the owners could follow the progress of the works without any worries.

Beautiful glass wall
The residential extension was given a transparent glass wall next to the stairs to the wine cellar. This wall is a beautiful eye-catcher in the room and provides extra structure. The cozy sitting area has a large window that offers a beautiful view of the garden all year round.

Light sense of space
For the windows, the owners deliberately chose white, and not black as we often see these days. The white windows fit in perfectly with the finish of the walls. Contrary to many other projects, we did not finish the inner walls with planking or precious wood, but we installed plaster walls, which were then neatly finished and painted. As a result, the oak supporting structure comes into its own perfectly.

Quality oak from Sussex
This oak supporting structure is the unique asset of the oak residential extensions of Heritage Buildings. This construction does not require any form of maintenance and will last for several generations without any problems. The extremely strong connections are made according to the traditional mortise and tenon principle. No screws or nails are involved.

For the oak, Heritage Buildings works with the best quality oak from Sussex in England. This rural region has special soil properties, resulting in oak with an extreme hardness.

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