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Roof terrace in Amsterdam

Stylish enjoyment in Oud-Zuid
For a stately historic building in Amsterdam’s Oud-Zuid district, Groenregie designed and realized a roof garden with no fewer than four sitting and lounging areas. The premise: an intimate setting with maximum comfort and plenty of space for socializing.

Materials and shapes with character
The young resident’s main requirements were privacy, views of the beautiful surroundings and zones with different functions. The existing outdoor wood parquet provided an excellent foundation for the rest of the design. Wood returns in some chic, black-painted high walls with vertical shelves in different widths. These stand out nicely against the stucco-look garden walls. The planters also show contrast: an alternation of sleek and rounded shapes gives the whole a more playful and gentle look. Moreover, the rounded shapes fit nicely with the high bar table in teak – the perfect place for a drink or an evening watching TV in good company.

From drinks and dining to lounging
On a raised terrace in ceramic tiles, you can enjoy a luxurious outdoor lounge, under a black pergola adorned with Wisteria (wisteria). You look out over the surroundings and are cozy at the same time: the pole wall, stucco wall and planters with ornamental grasses provide a sheltered feeling. It also keeps the wind in check without obstructing the view. Next to the lounge area, the four of you take a seat at the table for a meal with your head in the clouds. Prefer to linger? You can do so in the recliners, possibly after a refreshing “shower” under the designer shower. A striking detail: the aluminum panel behind the shower was laser cut – a functional element with an artistic edge.

Green that makes you happy
The planting feels excellent in higher atmospheres. Green Direction put together a versatile mix. From ornamental grasses swaying gently in the breeze to a multi-stemmed mini tree (Rhus typhina) playing their quirky assets. For a touch of merriment, the blue-purple and pinkish-red flowers add a touch of cheer. Thanks to hardy greenery such as Pinus (pine) and Carex (sedge), the planting forms a lively scene in all seasons.

With this realization, Groenregie shows that it has mastered the tricks of the trade to make a space versatile and luxurious. And that with an eye for the client’s wishes and the characteristics of the environment.

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