Starck F new generation shower toilet

Duravit and Philippe Starck present a new shower/toilet generation in two versions: SensoWash® Starck f Plus and SensoWash® Starck f Lite. Comfortably operated by remote control, freely configurable via an app, in a purist design and with maximum shower/toilet comfort. All components have been technologically further developed and rearranged so that now all the engineering takes place in the ceramic body. The only 40 mm thick, flat seat and the white cover behind it form a complete unit: modern design and comfort-enhancing technology in perfect harmony.

The innovative remote control, with flat, elegant design lies very comfortably in the hand, all functions are operated intuitively. Technical details ranging from the proximity sensor for automatic valve opening to user identification in the seat. The wide range of setting options for seat heater, shower sprayer and adjustable hot air blow dryer are guaranteed to provide top comfort.

Control via app or remote control for every convenience.
With the accompanying SensoWash® app, the shower/toilet can be individually configured or, optionally, controlled by remote control.
If the front wall element by Duravit, perfectly matched to SensoWash® Starck f, is combined with the A2 electronic flush plate, then, as an additional feature, the flush function and odor extraction can also be controlled via remote control via the app.

Perfect seat
The flat, heatable seat is made of a particularly robust material and, like the lid, has a scratch-resistant, non-porous and therefore highly hygienic surface.

Striking appearance, pure aesthetics combined with top comfort
The design of the new shower/wc evokes enthusiastic reactions due to its pure aesthetics and timeless modernity and therefore fits perfectly into all Duravit design series. Developed and manufactured by Duravit, the new SensoWash® shower/washroom stands out for its attractive pricing, easy installation and integrated, fully automatic descaling function.

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