Villa in Kempen style Ederveen

Detached villa in Kempen architectural style in Ederveen
A beautiful residence in Kempen architectural style was realized by HaBé in a quiet and central location in Ederveen, a village in the province of Gelderland. Another unique project to the clients’ wishes, designed by DBL Architects. From the street side, the rural villa immediately attracts attention. The design’s many details stand out. The Kempenian architectural style originated in the Flemish Kempenland. The style exudes tranquility and authenticity.

Kempen architectural style
The villa is built entirely of natural materials, such as brick, natural stone and wood, essential to the Kempen style. The characteristic style is further characterized by the typical dormers, equipped with zinc work and natural slates, wrought-iron wall anchors, bluestone sills and lintels and the absence of overhangs. The various gables incorporate ox-eye windows, these oval windows are typical features of the Kempen style. The masonry is cross-brick masonry and contains beautiful latticework details, such as cockscombs, mouse teeth and farmhouse wickerwork.

Double Dudok pivot door
A fine entrance, in the hall with loft, immediately gives a welcome. A solid, rustic, oak staircase by Soetendaal Stairs leads to the basement and to the second floor. Wrought iron bars with a robust oak top and bottom rail form the balustrade. A steel, double Dudok pivot door by De Rooy Metaaldesign connects the hall to the kitchen. The doors have a minimalist look due to the narrow edges and a tough look due to the material. The incoming light makes the hall appear larger.

Tight oak beamed ceiling
The kitchen and living room feature a sleek oak beamed ceiling. Wooden beams give the interior character. The modern pot-bellied stove brings atmosphere to the kitchen in addition to warmth. It gives the interior an extra cozy look. The flames and heat can easily be directed around the room to where you want them. In fact, the heater body can be rotated. Definitely an extension of the kitchen is the porch. A place to fully enjoy the outdoors with a beautiful view of the spacious garden with pool. A large skylight provides additional natural light here.

Sustainable installation
The house is equipped with a sustainable installation. An air/water heat pump has been installed. This heat pump draws energy from the outside air. A highly energy-efficient system that provides an environmentally friendly solution for home heating and cooling and domestic hot water preparation. In addition, the entire barn roof is equipped with solar panels and finished with color-setting, providing a sleek and streamlined look.

Review Bouwnu.nl
The client rated us a whopping 9.0 on Bouwnu.nl and posted the review below.
Customer focused, think carefully about everything they build so they deliver quality.

The contractor who does a lot of preliminary work for the client so that construction can be relaxed.

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