White villa with detached outbuilding

Newly built beautiful villa in Utrecht

In a setting where the best of city and countryside meet, another beautiful HaBé villa with detached outbuilding has been realized. The white house, designed by EVE Architects is a composite volume with a formal stately front and a playful rear. Despite this contrast, the house does not look heavy.

Fresh color choice

This house catches the eye with its vibrant facade, composed of ornamental brickwork, keim work and, as a finishing touch, horizontal wooden cladding. The plinth is framed by a rolling layer which provides a beautiful transition to the white keim work. The chalked facades give the villa a chic and authentic look and are framed by a bluestone speakeasy. The wooden window frames have bluestone weather sills. A water stop or window sill is a facade component that prevents rainwater from running directly onto the facade below. A beautiful glazed tile was chosen as the roofing material. A fresh choice of colors here makes for a beautiful whole.

Z-shape floor plan

The first floor is designed in z-shape. Despite the open floor plan, each room has been given a cozy feel. Different spaces are interconnected by steel doors from Home in Steel. They give the home an open and attractive character, daylight is distributed throughout the home, with each room benefiting from natural light. Larino provided the kitchen and interior carpentry. A straight, closed, oak Z-staircase, from Soetendaal Stairs, leads to the second floor. A Z-staircase is a staircase in which the riser, instead of being at right angles, is placed at an angle to the step. As a result, the riser and step form a “Z.

Fine porch

At the rear of the house is a nice veranda. The structure is constructed of oak wood beams and gives the outdoor space a cool and attractive look. A cast iron designer fireplace from Norwegian Realty provides additional warmth and ambiance when needed. Thanks to the side windows, an atmospheric fire can be enjoyed from different angles.

Multifunctional outbuilding

A multipurpose outbuilding was built next to the villa. Among other things, it serves as a garage; it also houses a gathering space. A steel Van Hengstum façade provides a generous amount of natural light. The tiled roof of the outbuilding has a solar panel system. The PV panels capture daylight and convert it to electricity.

Review Bouwnu.nl

The client rated us a whopping 9.0 on Bouwnu.nl and posted the review below.

A flexible team of professionals! They do what they say & say what they (will) do!
Through our architect EVE, we ended up with HaBé. For HaBé, only the best is good enough. HaBé forms a well-oiled machine with its (permanent) subcontractors. Then nothing goes wrong in the whole process…? It’s still human work, but it’s about how you solve it next. Hans is there for you day and night in the process. This service, commitment and thinking along is unique! We chose to build in a construction team. Big advantage, you also see, speak to the subcontractors frequently. A tidy work site, no loud music, very nice when you build in an (already) built environment. The workmen have an eye for the environment.

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