Respected by Gaggenau – not just any selection

Respected by Gaggenau – not just any selection

Gaggenau is known for its exclusive kitchen appliances that beautify the world’s finest kitchens, and that many a chef loves to see reflected in his or her private kitchen. The striking design, material of the highest quality, craftsmanship and professional features create unique and appreciated products of the highest level. What Gaggenau is less known for is its dedication to supporting and encouraging other professionals with the same standards. This is accomplished by capturing their stories and bringing them to the attention of their own network of connoisseurs. The stories and products of these artisans specializing in culinary products, wine or design make up the impressive Respected by Gaggenau collection.

Anyone taking a look around Gaggenau’s flagship showroom in Hoofddorp will notice the selection of special products on display there. From honey from a nomadic, Italian beekeeper to elegant ceramic design from Berlin. Each one special and created with care, and belonging to the Respected by Gaggenau collection. To compile this collection, 27 curators from around the world helped with the selection process – each with his or her own expertise, from chefs and sommeliers, to authors and designers. Sven Baacke, chief designer at Gaggenau was part of the process: “The selection process was so interesting because it was so diverse. These were not large companies, and each has a purpose behind what they do. We really felt that, regardless of whether they were designers, winemakers or farmers, they share the commonality that everything they do comes straight from the heart.”

The result is a list of craftsmen and small businesses from all over Europe, passionate about their craft in their own unique way, making the most exceptional products. A longlist and shortlist were made of culinary professionals, vintners and designers. The shortlist consists of only 15 artisans, three of whom were ultimately selected as holders of the inaugural “Respected By Gaggenau” award. Interested? More information and the long- and shortlist can be viewed on Gaggenau’s website. Or take a look at the impressive Gaggenau showroom in Hoofddorp.

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