The Sels Process for Villa Construction & Renovation

The Sels Process for Villa Construction & Renovation

Step 1: The exploratory conversation around your construction or renovation plans

As business manager, I like to meet you first. You are welcome to visit our office. I am also happy to come to you. Villabouw Sels does not charge a fee for creating the design up to and including the guaranteed maximum quote.

In this initial conversation, the goal is to clearly lay out the expectations of both parties. That way we can be sure we are on the same page.

Construction is a complex business. We commit our destiny to each other for a long time. Mutual trust is then essential.

The following crucial elements are discussed:

1. Do you have a building site?

If you already own land, we can go straight to step 2. If not, we will be happy to search with you.

Under sales in the menu at the top, you can find our own land reserve.

Our network has expanded greatly since 1968. We can also put you in touch with sellers who like to keep the offering of their property discreet.

2. Timing

Villabouw Sels builds sustainable homes according to traditional values and standards. Beauty and quality require an extra effort.

All construction and renovation work is custom and done on site. Along with our meticulous workmanship, this takes time. An average construction process will take 18 months.

3. Your budget

Discussing a budget in an initial meeting is fair and productive for all parties.

A realistic set of expectations is the basis for a lasting good relationship. Once all these elements are in place, we move forward.

The first steps in this further process are at no cost to you.

Step 2 Wish list

At our second meeting, we will connect with the architect we feel can best meet your needs. We go over the options available to us from the land, the general architectural style, and especially your content requirements.

Discover all our realizations below and get instant inspiration.

Step 3 The first design

After the exploratory conversation, it is up to our architect to turn your wishes into reality. Explore the potential of your new home or the renovation possibilities of your existing home. This design will follow within a month of our first appointment.

Based on all the information gathered and your wishes, our architect will work out your dream home. It is now up to you to offer criticisms and comments. These are paramount to achieving a successful outcome. After all, it is your house that we will build.

Step 4 Custom design

Based on your comments and our concerns, we are adjusting the design. The adjustments can be extensive or minimal.

In any case, we adjust the design as often as necessary. This phase is repeated until the picture is completely right for you.

Step 5 Your guaranteed maximum quote

Once we have arrived at a conclusive design, we get to work to provide you with an extremely transparent quote.

Everything is measured and calculated by our estimators. Your quote is a comprehensive statement of measurements. It is constructed from quantities in m, m2, m3, and unit prices at cost.

These quantities and prices are guaranteed by Villabouw Sels as a maximum. Any mistake is our responsibility and will not cost you a penny extra. You never pay a penny more than our quote.

The cost and margin we provide for all of Villabouw Sels’ services from architecture to completion are clearly and distinctly stated in a separate line. Open, transparent and visible.

Step 6 Order building permit

Up to this point, the entire process was without obligation for you. The next step in the building process is to obtain a building permit.

Technical drawings, an administrative file… Our draftsmen and engineers now have a lot of work to do. This step can no longer be without obligation, but it is too early to enter into a fully detailed contracting agreement.

Therefore, we work with an intermediate step. At this stage, you authorize and instruct us to obtain a building permit for you. The complete file and permit become your property. In return, we bill a modest advance that will be deducted from the construction cost.

Step 7 Delivery of building permit

The permit itself needs little explanation. We can start building. This permit probably took several months to obtain. In the meantime, we have not been idle.

We continued to meet at regular intervals to adjust the design . This is done using more accurate technical drawings.

We have already started working on your interior design at this stage with our interior designers. At this point we have not worked out, chosen and decided everything in detail.

We now have many more elements to create the most complete contracting agreement, specifications, and custom measurement statement possible.

Step 8 The contract

Our agreement was deliberately kept as brief as possible. The wording is anything but legal. It is a human description of the promises we have made to you since our first meeting.

Feel free to ask for a blank at an earlier stage.

Step 9 Start of works

Contractually we promise the start of works within two months of obtaining the permit.

Our intention is to let you enjoy the experience as much as possible. We involve you 100% in exploring our network of specialized suppliers and professionals.

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