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Unique project in new construction house; steel staircase and large white steel wall

Unique project in new construction house; steel staircase and large white steel wall

A new house was built, right in the middle of the old Philips working-class neighborhood in
Eindhoven. The owners were looking for a real centerpiece: a custom-made staircase in the middle of the living room. The foundation of the house had yet to begin, so we were called in at the perfect time. The home's design follows the latest living trends: the loft-like layout has no separate kitchen, hallway or living room. Everything comes together in one spatial living environment with a prominent and spacious double bored staircase in the center.

Because we were part of the design process from the beginning, a design for both the staircase and a glass partition from our collection was considered during construction. This creates a hall, without losing the open character of the home. The two elements were matched to each other and the space while designing the interior. The style of the home is modern and minimalist with the design of the staircase being designed to be both functional and visually appealing. An object that stands out but fits within the space. Vertical lines were added in both the staircase and the steel wall in the form of solid bars and canalé glass. This interplay of lines enhances the visual height and refracts light in a spectacular way.

We believe in the power of contrast between the softness of the human and the rough hard lines of design. It creates a tension that rarely arises with an everyday object. Something we at Interior Elements love to create.

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