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Workroom inspiration

A study room is an ideal space where you can still concentrate on your work. Just update the mail or surf the internet, it all works better if you are in a room where you have no further distractions from your environment. If there is a room in the house that has not yet been given a purpose, a study room is not a superfluous luxury. It is of course dependent on the size of the room what is possible. When decorating, also consider the comfort of the furniture, but also whether they are ergonomic. If you often work at home, it is important that the desk is at the right height and the chair adjustable so that you can get started with the right posture.

Furnish workroom

Before you furnish the office, it is important to determine what you are going to use the office for. If you will concentrate on working behind the desk and you need a quiet environment, it is not smart to use many different colors that can only distract you. In addition, it is important that the space looks well-organized and that it does not contain too many elements. To find out which colors and atmospheres best suit your personal wishes, you can get started with an interior stylist. A design will be made based on your preferences. At Hoog you will find various projects with office inspiration. Discover which style and atmosphere appeals to you the most and talk to the designers.