Maxim Winkelaar

Maxim Winkelaar
Maxim Winkelaar Architects B.V.Witte Kruislaan 61217 AP HilversumThe Netherlands

Maxim Winkelaar Architects | Design Follows Personality.

Personal architecture
A well-known expression in architecture is “Form Follows Function,” meaning that the design of a structure follows from its intended function or ultimate use. We believe in “Design Follows Personality,” using our expertise to work with the client to create a personally tailored design, thereby giving the project its own unique character. The client’s identity is woven into the design, this naturally optimizes the living environment of our clients and makes people feel more at home in the buildings we design. Each project has its own story and the diversity of designs created by ‘Design follows Personality’ can be seen in our portfolio.

Optimal experience
The world is becoming increasingly crowded and, as a result, the sense of space around us is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, in our designs, the perception of space is an important aspect. Verandas, patios, voids, skylights, vistas and sightlines are recurring elements in our designs. Using different materials and color accents combined with clean design lines creates beautiful contrasts and depth effects. We create designs for buildings that function well at every level, both practically and aesthetically and with an optimal experience. We supervise the design process in phases, paying full attention to the client’s wishes. Combined with the agency’s reliability, knowledge and quality, this is the basis for successfully realizing projects.

The architectural firm specializes in new construction and renovation of homes and restoration, transformation and conversion of existing buildings. In recent years, the firm has successfully designed, built and converted various villas, houses, apartments, canal houses, monuments and country houses in the upper segment. Maxim Winkelaar’s work is included in the internationally published book “Reactivate! – Innovators of Dutch Architecture”.

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Maxim Winkelaar
New construction villa Bemmel
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Maxim Winkelaar
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Maxim Winkelaar
Kitchen design
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