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Roelants Decorations Fine Painters

Roelants Decorations Fine Painters
Roelants Decorations Fijnschilders Vogelzang 69A B-2440 Geel

Interior painting

Light brings life to any space. Combined with the appropriate color, Roelants Decorations provides the desired atmosphere and harmony in your interior.

We will guide you in finding the right combinations or finishing techniques. Our painting services guarantee a high-quality end result due to our extensive experience!

Exterior painting

Outside, we go resolutely for sustainability. Roelants Decorations is committed to quality and lasting results. Always with a high degree of finish. We strive for perfection and 100% customer satisfaction. Roelants Decorations closely follows the latest developments and innovations for you. We always work in consultation with the paint manufacturers' technical advisors.

In addition to exterior painting, Roelants Decorations is also versed in fa├žade stone cleaning and bezet work with lime-based, artisan plasters or synthetic plasters.

Mortex / Micro-topping

Mortex or Micro-topping is a creative product with endless possibilities. The material makes its surroundings shine! It is both aesthetically and technically suitable for renovations and new construction. Mortex or Micro-topping can be combined with wood, stone, metal, glass, textiles, ...

It can be applied just about anywhere thanks to its high abrasion resistance, perfect adhesion and waterproofing. Mortex or Micro-topping is the ideal solution for the new look of your kitchen, bathroom, living room or stairs!

You can use this in both modern homes or rural homes.

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Roelants Decorations Fine Painters

Project R. decorative Painting techniques and mortex works

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Roelants Decorations Fine Painters

Natural finishes by Roelants decorations

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