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Miracles come in pairs. It is the connection that makes a couple strong. The same goes for pivot doors. Because of the connection to the ground and the lack of a door frame, pivot doors exude naturalness, lightness and luxury. The doors always move in the direction of travel. The design of steel and glass gives light free reign in the home, allowing spaces to merge and visually enlarge. And … pivot doors add class and timeless design to your interior.

Interior design and design
Decorating a home is a game of lines. By shifting the horizon, spaces are perceived as larger and freer and a natural flow is created in the home. The subtle frames of pivot doors also add to any interior. Refinement in a modern and minimalist interior. A tough look in an industrial or historic setting. They are eye-catchers that give visitors a warm welcome. At home, in the office or in a restaurant.

TWIN DOORS are made to order. That goes for our standard classic pivot doors and those you can design yourself. Distinctive features of TWIN DOORS are the mitred profiles. This elegant finish is a nod to historic steel pivot doors. However, our doors are manufactured from aluminum. The unique properties of aluminum – strong and light – offer much design freedom. Think sleek details, a free choice of tessellation and doors in any color.

In the new inspiration room in Geldermalsen you are welcome to view and experience the ease of use of our pivot doors and the sophistication of our varied range of TWIN DOORS. Of course, it is also possible to create a unique custom door on site. Our creative consultants are happy to show how the TWIN DOORS enhance the interior and give it identity. If you bring a photo of your current interior, we can show the TWIN DOORS in your interior.

Are you curious about how our doors are made? Then we can also immediately take a look at our own factory.

Will you come and taste the atmosphere and feel the doors? Please make an appointment in advance and the coffee will be ready.

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