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Sparq Tuinen

Biodiversity in sleek garden

“Lots of flowers, we want lots of flowers. Does that suit our modern house?” This question was asked by the residents of this sleek villa during the initial interview. And whether we had the plant knowledge to put together borders à la Piet Oudolf? Check out the results here!

Sleek villa, loose planting
In Waalre, space had been made for a new residential neighborhood. The requirement was to build a modern and sleek villa. Energy neutral, with collection of its own rainwater and mandatory green yard fencing in the form of a Yew hedge.

In an initial conversation, the principal cautiously inquired whether that was “our piece of cake. She was looking for an attractive, green garden with lots of flowering borders. Fortunately, there is an ample amount of plant knowledge within our company to properly implement such planting.

A follower of the school of Mien Ruys, our landscaper created clear planes and lines. Matching the house and nice sight lines from the interior. To contrast, the planting was filled in loosely and frivolously. In the spirit of Mien Ruys and also Piet Oudolf.

Lots of variety: beautiful composition
The borders are captivating surfaces that provide tremendous seasonal experiences. The structure is made by groups of ornamental grasses. These ornamental grasses form resting points in the rich borders and also provide adequate winter views. The perennials provide tremendous momentum. The spikes of the Salvias, with the just budding little fiddles of the gypsophila opposite the soft ears of the Stachys. At the entrance, the white flowers of the Persicaria (two meters tall!) steal the show. The lavender blue of the Perovskia and the first fat flowers of the Echinacea are already in the queue.

The contrast makes it exciting
The sleek pond makes a strong sight line from the interior. Ending on the concrete block wall with the water play. The canopy deliberately has an open karkater, so that even there you are in the middle of the planting. Animals plenty: the garden teems with small birds, bees, bumblebees and, of course, fish and frogs.

Ceramic tiles: Trivium

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