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Challenging renovation

In this home, TuijpsHuysch was able to remodel the bathroom, toilet and kitchen. This renovation was not like any other renovation. In fact, TuijpsHuysch needed to create an extra room so TH could comfortably work at home for her client. An assignment TuijpsHuysch tackled together with its own contractor company Totaalbouw Volendam. The challenges were mainly around the drainage and supply of water. All this is neatly concealed in the wall between the kitchen and the office. TuijpsHuysch was also bound also by the many windows that are on the side of the house. These provide stunning views of the IJ River in Amsterdam. People wanted the house to retain its light character and then one could continue to look across the IJ from the room or from the kitchen bar.

First, TuijpsHuysch completely demolished the old bathroom. Next, all pipes were inspected because leaks had occurred in the past. In the bathroom there are beautiful built-in shower realized with a semi-freestanding bathtub. The rounding of this bath ensures optimal flow. The special feature of this glass wall is that the doors are pivotable. So these can be opened inward and outward. The bathroom and toilet both feature Duravit Plumbing and Marazzi Tiles.

The kitchen is a TH-Design kitchen by Rational. Rational is a true Design kitchen brand and is known for its 22 millimeter thick fronts and with the use of drawer slides from the top brand Blum Legrabox. The kitchen chose Miele appliances combined with a Bora Classic 2.0 with plasma filter. All fronts are lacquered matte white all around so that no sharp edges can be felt in the veneer. The sink area of the kitchen is placed against a newly built wall. All drains run through it and the office side is finished with stucco and stucco work of course done by our own stucco company Tuijps Stuc en Afbouw. On the kitchen side, the wall is finished with Bokmerk. A very low-maintenance aluminum sheet that can be supplied in all colors.

All in all, a major renovation. A bathroom with luxurious elements, a rustic workspace and a cozy kitchen with beautiful views of the IJ River.

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