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The perfect lighting for your interior!

The perfect lighting for your interior!

Lighting is an important part of interior design. This is still sometimes underestimated by many. Dekker interior and Keukenstudio Dekker are happy to think with you! We can provide you with expert advice on lighting for your dream interior!

Lighting where and when should I apply this?
People often underestimate the added value of interior lighting. As a kitchen store and interior designer, we encounter these dilemmas often. Through this blog, we want to show that lighting can really make a difference in an interior after all! Finishes and quality come into extra focus when using the right lighting.

Direct illumination
Direct light is light that comes from a light source directly onto an area or object. This is important in offices, for example. In fact, direct light illuminates specific items such as a book or keyboard. At home, direct light is important in places like the kitchen and bathroom. It is important that you have enough working light so that you can see all the products well. Direct lighting can also be used atmospherically. Through spotlights in the ceiling and LED strips under shelves and/or upper cabinets, you can make a space sleek yet also atmospheric with the right lighting.

Indirect lighting
Indirect light is often used in a bookcase or wall unit. This gives the wall unit just that extra bit of atmosphere and experience. By placing the lighting behind the shelves instead of under them, you create lighting both above and below the shelf. So in indirect lighting, we use the environment to reflect the light, so to speak. Cabinets finished in the luxurious oak veneer will then stand out even more.

Would you like advice on lighting, a new kitchen or complete furnishings? For more information, visit / or contact us!

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