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Daylight is a gift from heaven. It makes us feel good. Did you know that artificial light disrupts our biorhythms, resulting in mood swings? Therefore, natural light is a blessing to our natural rhythm. Thus, ensuring adequate daylight is essential to getting through the day in a balanced way and avoiding fatigue. Moreover, you drastically reduce the need for artificial light in your home. Not only is this good for the environment, it also significantly reduces your energy bill.

For three generations, Skylux has specialized and been passionate about producing daylight solutions for flat and pitched roofs. Skylux also continues their mission with innovative and quality outdoor living concepts. At Skylux, you choose Belgian technology with only 1 goal in mind: an enthusiastic customer. Skylux likes to distinguish itself by a personal service and is happy to inform you about all product advantages, price, warranty, after-sales service, installation and maintenance of our daylight solutions.

Skylux consciously chooses to incorporate the long-term health of the planet and all living things on it into its mission. This translates into health and safety of employees, partners and customers, sustainable entrepreneurship and ecological awareness. For example, we have a number of great projects underway: 100% switch to electric company cars, solar panels on all our company buildings, sustainable waste streams, etc.

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Roof window

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Flat roof window

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