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Steamed sea bass with ginger, sesame oil and skin crisp

Steamed sea bass with ginger, sesame oil and skin crisp

Appetizer, 4 pers


(Combi) steam oven
induction cooktop
fish fillet knife
chef’s knife
baking brush

Sea bass
2 sea bass fillets
1 cm fresh ginger
1 spring onion
1 handful of legume sprouts (e.g. bean sproutś, pea)

Sesame oil
2 tbsp sesame oil
1 clove of garlic
1 tbsp. light soy sauce (e.g. Kikkoman)


Preheat the steam oven to 70 °C (100% steam) and the baking oven to 180 °C hot air.

Use a fillet knife to remove the skin from the fish. Ask the chief for instructions. Try to remove all the meat from the skin, which gives the crispiest results.

Peel and slice the ginger and then cut it into thin strips.

Remove the belly part of the fillet and cut the fish into two equal pieces. Place the fish in the steamer pan and sprinkle with some salt and the ginger strips. Spread the skin on an oven tray greased with oil Sprinkle with some salt and pepper and brush the top with oil as well. Cut the spring onion into thin rounds and set aside. Put the fish in the steamer and the plate with fish skin in the baking oven. The preparation time is about 7 minutes. Meanwhile, make the sesame oil.

Preparation Sesame oil:
Peel and halve the garlic clove and cut it into wafer-thin slices.

Heat the sesame oil in a small pan and add the garlic when the oil is hot enough for the garlic to bubble. Remove immediately from the heat source and let cool until the garlic is no longer bubbling. Now add the soy sauce, stir through and keep lukewarm on setting 1 of the induction hob.

Finish and serve:
Remove the skin from the oven and cut it diagonally into strips with scissors. Do this immediately while the skin is still warm, or it will become too hard and risk splintering. Remove the fish from the oven as well. Put a few shoots on the center of a plate. Place a piece of fish on top and drizzle with the sesame oil and some spring onion. Insert a strip of skin for garnish. Serve immediately.

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