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Why not every gardener is a landscaper

Why not every gardener is a landscaper

Top Gardeners

"We are often approached by people to solve problems in a garden designed, landscaped or maintained by a gardener or smaller landscaper or to straighten things out. What we find then are gardens where the paving has not been done properly, the design does not match the use and wishes of the residents, gardens where plants and shrubs are not in the right place or gardens where the gardener or small landscaping company have not acted appropriately when a plant is diseased.

All consequences of the lack of knowledge, experience, time, expertise and good personnel," said Ard Esselink, board member of Tophoveniers, a successful partnership between nine high-quality landscaping companies located throughout the Netherlands.

Versatile specialists
"Whereas we, as gardeners and members of Tophoveniers, can boast years of experience, continuously educate ourselves, can learn from each other and have a good and versatile team of professionals at work, a gardener or small landscaper is mainly busy laying out a garden during the day and a garden design is often a rush job in the evenings and continuing education quickly falls by the wayside," indicates Ard Esselink. He praises and credits the versatility of the members of Top Gardeners. "We are all specialists in the design, construction and maintenance of gardens. Our skilled employees have knowledge of plants and shrubs, construct ponds, work as pavers, bricklayers and installers, and can get away with sprinkling and garden lighting. It is impossible for a gardener or small landscaper with one or two employees to offer a similar range of services and to provide the same quality."

Craftsmanship leads to quality gardens
"From beginning to end, we are able to deliver professional work and we find it important that the client has a good feeling about the cooperation. For example, the quotation is very clear and specified, all employees of the nine companies belonging to Tophoveniers are neat and tidy and we are not finished until the final result is perfect. Any bottlenecks or problems are solved immediately. Things in which a gardener or smaller landscaping company sometimes falls short, resulting in clients not only wasting a lot of money and time, but also leaving them in a garden they cannot enjoy. And that, of course, is a great shame. Working with one of the Tophoveniers may be somewhat more expensive than working with a gardener or small landscaping company, but the result is also different. Because our members' gardens add up. They are - and remain - beautiful and give clients a wow feeling. The fact that gardens from Top Gardeners regularly win the prestigious Garden of the Year award demonstrates the high quality of the gardens. Is every gardener a landscaper? No, definitely not!"

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