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Your dream garden in pictures

Your dream garden in pictures

What do you think about when you want to redesign your garden or build it from scratch? What elements are important in my garden? Which plantings make me happy and which materials match best with my home? Do I see the garden as an extension of my home or as a space unto itself? What atmosphere suits me best? All questions you can ask yourself prior to the design process. What can help with this is to look for reference photos on Pinterest, for example, with everything that makes you happy.

Once you have collected reference photos and know what elements are important in your garden we will start the design process together. Where will the terraces, borders with grasses and perennials, trees and the pool with associated pool house be located? We determine this by looking at the siting of the garden. Does the garden face north, east, south or west? Where do we have the sun at what time of day? We design the garden so that it can be used to its full potential. Then when each element has its own place, we have our 2D garden plan that will make you totally happy!

But what will this actually look like? For this reason, at Studio Siebers, we work out our 2D garden plans, 3D. In it, the garden plan is realistically visualized. Through an ample library of plantings, furniture and materials, we can make the 2D garden plan a reality. Wondering what your dream garden will look like in the middle of the day or evening hours? That, too, is possible.

We also use the 3D as a design tool. Sliding a terrace, adding or removing trees or switching to a different material can be adjusted with a few mouse clicks until the ultimate goal is achieved. Visualizing your dream garden together!

Looking for inspiration for your own dream garden? Take a look at Studio Siebers' 2D/3D visualizations.

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